It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello, Fluffsters! Welcome to the Official Blog of (fluff)friends. This is the place to find the inside scoop on all things (fluff). We will post pictures of new items as they are released as well as give you any information we're able to share about future events.

It's December, and our artists have been working very hard to create beautiful habitats. The most recent, Snowy Mountain (pictured above) and the Cozy (purple) Fireplace (below) have been huge hits. But we're not finished there! Don't forget to buy your (fluff)some mistletoe to celebrate the season, as well as a few snowballs to make a snowman! (and we're just getting started!)

Another new (fluff)feature this month is the introduction of 25 munny per day. This means that, on top of the sheer joy of visiting your fluffy friend every day, you'll now get paid to do it! That's right, just sign into (fluff)friends every day and earn 25 munny. Take some time to pet and visit other (fluff)friends and you'll be able to buy some yummy food and decos for your (fluff).

Keep checking back for more updates... there's lots of stuff on the horizon, be the first to know!

(pssst! A little Roostee told me there's a new golden bonus around the corner....)


Rowena said...

Can I be the first to comment, just because I can? :D

Anonymous said...

Commenting didn't work earlier, I wanted to be first ;)

Regardless, I love (fluff) friends!!

mary said...

Love this blog idea :) Looking forward to more news as well as more 'ask mama' youtube stuff ;) Thank you!!

from goldenFoxeeOwner

bielzibub said...

Hi Everyone =)
Great idea for checking out new fluff stuff!!
See u later
bielzibub & the kids xo

gretchenaro said...

More Christmas stuff? HURRAY! Thanks for going easy on us in December (fluff)administration.

Ana said...

Wow, this blog is a GREAT idea! :)))
Looking forward to some more Xmas stuff.

Phoo said...

Like it :-)

flavinha said...

great idea! fluff is a way of life :P