New Travel Theme Decoration Released! Tourist (toy) Pengi

The only thing that would make this guy more obvious is a straw hat and a camera. Take Tourist (toy) Pengi with you on your travels. Available in the Golden Decorations Shop.

New Food and Travel Theme Items Released! Stonehenge Habitat and Cheese Blintz

Enjoy Britain's greatest national icon in (fluff)form. While you're at it, feed your (fluff) some cheese blintz! Available in the Habitats Shop and the Food Shop, respectively.

Happy Birthday, (fluff)friends! 2 years and counting.

New Travel Theme Items Released! Acropolis Habitat and Straw Tourist Hats.

How 'bout some extra fries with your Greece? Enjoy this new munny habitat, found in the Habitats Shop. And... nothing says "I'm a tourist" like a geeky hat. Pick up one in each color. Available in the Decorations Shop.

New Travel Theme Items Released! Mt. Fuji Habitat and (folded) and (unfolded) maps.

Enjoy Japan's Mt. Fuji with this new habitat, which can be purchased in the Golden Habitats Shop. And, if you find yourself lost in your journeys, there are two maps for sale. Pick them up in the Decorations Shop.

New Travel Theme Decorations Released! Digitals Cameras in (pink), (blue) and (gold).

No dark room needed! Capture pics the new-fashioned way with this sweet digital camera. Available in the Decorations and Golden Decorations Shops.

New Travel Theme Items Released! Taj Mahal Habitat and (blue) Suitcase.

Explore the breathtaking grandeur of India's Taj Mahal! Available in the Habitats Shop. For those (fluffs) who like a variety of luggage, pick up this (blue) suitcase, available in the Decorations Shop.

New Travel Theme Decorations Released! Camera and Passport.

The law bends for no one! Even (fluffy) creatures need a passport to travel abroad.
Good cameras are hard to come by. Keep this one safely around your (fluffs) neck.

New Theme Released! TRAVEL.

Pack your bags, (fluffs)! For the next few days we will be traveling the globe to all sorts of amazing locations. Each day something new will be released, so keep checking in! First stop? Times Square! You can find our very (fluffy) suitcase in the General Decorations Shop. The Times Square Habitat can be purchased in the Golden Habitats Shop.

New Decorations Released! Tassles: Red, Blue, Gold.

What's a better reminder of graduation than a tassle to hang on your rear view mirror? Your (fluff) can wear one with pride in your choice of three colors: Red, Blue or Gold. Available in the General Decorations Shop.

New Decorations Released! Graduation Caps and Diploma.

It's that time of year! To all who are graduating, whatever stage of life you might be, we congratulate you on your accomplishment! You can purchase our graduation cap in straight or tilted versions in the General Decorations Shop. And since, let's face it, education isn't cheap, the diploma can be purchased in the Golden Decorations Shop. Congrats!

New Decorations Released! Mood Bubbles: Love & Broken Hearted

We hope you enjoy the newest additions to our mood bubble collection: (Love) and (Broken Hearted). Available in the Decorations Shop.

New Mood Bubble Decos

Feeling Sad?

Need a quick way to let us know how your (fluff)Friend is feeling? Emote in icons! What a novel idea...

Get Happy!

New Race Pro Shop Items! Convertible, Blue/Pink Racer, Yellow/Purple Racer

Make your (fluff) the ultimate speed demon in this top-of-the-line vehicle. 7000 points.

For the (fluff) that needs a little extra zip in their zoom. 4000 points.

Speedy (fluffs) go zoom zoom in red. It never goes out of style. 1000 points.

New DecoFoods Released! Chestnut and Fortune Cookie.

We hope you enjoy the latest additions to the Decofood shop: Chestnut and Fortune Cookie. YUM!

New Habitat Released! Sphinx.

Let's Get Sphinxed! Available in the Habitats Shop.

New Egyptian Item Released! Munkii Mummy.

This magnificent munkii mummy is mysteriously manic at midnight on most Mondays. You can purchase this cute little decoration in our Golden Decorations Shop.

New Decoration Released! Egyptian Vase.

The latest addition to our Egypt Collection is this stunning Egyptian Vase. You can find it in the General Decoration Shop.

New Egyptian Items Released! (Snake), (Lyon) and (Chickee) Hieroglyphics.

In (fluff)glyphics, this means "Don't go to Vegas with me. I'm bad luck."

In (fluff)glyphics, this means "It's the truth. I ain't lyon."

In (fluff)glyphics, this means "The chickee came first, boo on the egg."

You can buy these cute runes in the General Decorations Shop.

May Golden Bonuses Released! Hedgeehog, Rockee, Pufferfishee, Woolee Mamoth and Skunku

Hedgeehog is a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast fluff. He loves folding up into a ball and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooming across fields, down hills and random upside down loops found in nature. He often frequents Sonic drive thru’s where he munches on (fluff)fries, round burgers and boba before flying off to his next big adventure. The other (fluffs) always wonder why he keeps asking where all of the golden rings are. He’s a little loopy, but fun to be around.

Pufferfishee is a very bubbly (fluff) who loves to drive. By day, she teaches young fishees (and a very obnoxious sponge) driving lessons, but by night she’s a speed demon. She loves a good challenge and adores racing other (fluffs). Though skilled, she should probably not be trusted with a red convertible, so lend at your own risk.

Skunku is a (fluff) who really doesn’t care what any of the other (fluffs) are doing at any given moment. He moves slowly and carries a big stink. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in odor, so even the most rambunctious (fluffs) tend to keep a distance. He has a very special bond with the hedgeehog, and they like to spend evening scavenging for food and singing campfire songs (they don’t need no stinkin’ campfire).

Rockee is a very funny, personable (fluff). He really doesn’t have a choice, because he can’t move anywhere. He tells jokes, stories and always keeps his (fluffy) friends coming back for more entertainment. He’s a little thick around the middle and often asks if his posterior looks big in his pants, which is rather odd because he doesn’t wear pants. Anyway, his eccentricity is what makes him original, and most (fluffs) are a fans.

Woolee Mammoth loves being in (fluff) form. His size has prevented him from living in most homes, so he wanders around the arctic with a very “Eeyore-esque” personality. “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’d eat worms if they were alive in this part of the world.” What he needs is some good old-fashioned (fluffy) love. He often sits on large blocks of ice wishing on a star for someone to adopt him and feed him some (fluff)ade and lucky bamboo.

New Egyptian Items Released! Egyptian Queen Headdress.

What's a Pharaoh without a Queen? Add this pristine headdress to your collection. Available in the General Decorations Shop.

Cinco De Mayo Decorations Launched!

Happy Cinco De Mayo, (fluff)friends! We hope you enjoy the newest additions to our decorations shop: Fiesta Sombrero, Pinata and Traditional Sombrero. Available in our Regular and Golden Decorations Shops.

The (fluff)Friendship Well is LIVE!

It's been a painstaking process, but the (fluff)Friendship Well has officially been introduced to the community! We've tweaked. We've tested. You've tested. You've won things! You've lost things. But... you've had fun. And we hope you will have fun for a long time to come!

Click HERE to start playing!