New Decoration Released! (golden) Leaf.

A special (golden) leaf to prepare you for our special (golden) bonus release! What do you think they will be?

New Decofoods Released! Lemon Lime and Grapes.

Yay! Grapes and Lemon-Lime foods have been added to the Decofoods Shop.

New Decoration Released! Instant Frost.

Make your habitat border white and frosty!

New Decoration and Food Released! Thanksgiving Dinner.

From your friends in the U.S.A., a special food AND decoration for you: Thanksgiving Dinner.

New Decoration Released! Pilgrim Hat.

This festive hat will impress the indigenous neighbors with its puritan style.

New Decoration Released! Cornucopia.

Cornucopia: A symbol of food and abundance!

New Decorations Released! Mad Hatter Hat and Quirky Potion.

Why is a raven like a writing desk? This hat is mad. This potion says "Drink Me!"

New Decorations Released! Queen of Hearts Crown and Sceptor.

This crown and sceptor are the perfect suit for the Queen of Hearts.

New Decoration and Habitat Extra Released! Quirky Chessboard and Card Border.

Through the looking glass you will find this very quirky chessboard and the perfect border for the Queen's procession.

New Habitat Released! Wonderland Forest.

The white roses in this chimerical forest have been painted red.

New Habitat Released! Wonderland Garden.

The roses growing in this whimsical garden are naturally white.

We hope you enjoy these quirky mushrooms. One side will make you grow taller. The other side will make you grow shorter.

New Decorations Released! (ace) Card and (queen) Card.

....and to complete our set, the (queen) and (ace) cards. Yay!

New Decorations Released! 5 of Diamonds and Joker cards.

Cards in two styles: 5 of diamonds and the Joker...

New Decorations Released! Tea Party Table and Toadstool.

No room! No room! Sit pretty at this Tea Party Table on a (fluffy) Toadstool.

New Decorations Released! Quirky Cakes.

Have a slice of this Quirky Cake. "Eat me."

New Decofoods Released! Trick-or-Treat Candy and Jen's Cake.

Our trick-or-treat candy becomes a decofood along with Jen's cake. Yay!

November 2009 Golden Bonuses Are Released! Sloth, (angora) Bunnee, (teacup) Yorkie, (caramel) Camel and Chinchilla

(angora) BunneeThis little bunnee does not hop. When the (fluffs) hear that ever familiar ‘thump-thump-SPLAT’ they know (angora) bunnee is on her way. She enjoys burgers and fries and cotton candy and chocolate and milkshakes and licorice and hot dogs and popscorn and any other food that is a food. She also enjoys spending time with Ya-Blobbly and Sloth, who also move at a slow, thumpy, splatty pace.

(caramel) Camel (caramel) Camel loves wandering the desert in search of water and other desert-dwelling (fluffy) friends. He is pals with Iguana and together they bask in the sun discussing things like ancient Egypt and whether or not Cleopatra was really all that or just another chick in a wig. His hobbies include deep-sea fishing and putting out forest fires.

(teacup) Yorkie
(teacup) Yorkie is a *tiny* little (fluff) who is often able to dart around doing mischievous things like play with dust bunnies and nibble bits of food from the floor. He has a teeny tiny bell to go with his teeny tiny body and if not for his bell, (angora) bunnee would SPLAT him, which would be an unfortunate event. He is sweet and cheerful and ohhh so lovable. Adopt his cute little teacuppy self.

Sloth…is…slow…and…he…likes…to…sleep…all…day…and…night….and…day….and…night. He…sometimes…gets…up…to…play…but…it…usually…results…in…falling…back…asleep... Maybe…if…he…could…find…a…job…or…a…hobby…this…might…change…but…for…now…he…sleeps.

****(fluff)Scriber Bonus****
Chinchilla is a pleasant, fast (fluff) who does not appreciate being compared to rats and other rodents. She is much cuter and much pleasanter and much faster, and therefore should be compared more to bunnees and kangaroos and (fluffs) of that nature. She enjoys nom-noming raisins and nuts and loves her exercise wheel and the open air.

A New Theme is Born! Alice in Wonderland.

It's time for a new theme! Be on the lookout for more Alice in Wonderland related items in the days to come...

New Decorations Released! Happy Star and Checkered Flag!

There are two new ways to reward your (fluff) for a race job well-done. Use your race points to buy this checkered flag and happy star!