New Decorations Released! School Notebook and Cup of Pencils.

Write with a pretty colored pencil in this cute little school notebook.

New Decorations Released! School Class Desk and School Study Desk.

Two necessary school accessories? A basic school desk, and for the serious studier, a special school study desk. Working hard? Or hardly working?

New Decorations Released! Pen and Pencil.

Don't let your teacher catch you without a writing utensil. It spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

New Habitat Released! School Hallway.

A vast chasm of knowledge awaits.

New Decoration Released! Smarty Spectacles.

Sure, contacts work just as well, but these glasses make you look smarter.

New Habitat Released! Dorm Room.

Ahhh, the dorm room. It takes hours to complete and only seconds to destroy.

New Decorations Released! Cheerleading Skirt and (fluff)School Pennant.

Every cheer leader needs a skirt! Pick one up and show your (fluff)School spirit with this pennant.

New Decoration Released! (red) and (blue) cheerleading pompoms.

Gimme an F-L-U-F-F! What's that spell? FLUFF! Pick up cheerleading pompoms in (red) and (blue).

New Decofoods Released! Guacamole and Chunky Salsa.

Now you can add these funky foods to your habitat: guacamole and chunky salsa.

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

To celebrate this special day we've released two pirate hats: one traditional, and one a little ruffled!

New Foods Released! Lemonade and Freezee.

Two new yummy (fluffy) foods have arrived: Lemonade and Freezee. How will your pet react?

New Decoration Released! Messenger Bag.

Please enjoy our latest decoration, the messenger bag. Just in case backpackin' isn't your style.

New Decorations Released! Stack of School Books and School Books to Hold.

Just toting these texts around will make you look studious. Available in a stack or as books to hold.

New Theme Released! Back to School.

It's that time of year! Please welcome our newest (fluff) theme, Back to School. First up? Backpacks in your choice of (red) or (teal).

New Foods and Decofoods released! Bubblegum, Candy Necklace, Chocolate Milkshake and Crackers.

Add the latest decofoods to you collection! Chocolate Milkshake and Crackers.

And....Enjoy the newest in (fluff)foods with this sweet candy necklace and chewy bubblegum!

September 2009 Golden Bonuses Released! Flamingo, Bichon Puppee, Orca, Dwarf Hamster and Wombat.

***(fluff)scriber bonus***
Wombat is a sneaky (fluff) who likes to steal things from other (fluffs) and hide them in his pouch. If something has gone missing in someone's humble abode, chances are he has it on display in his grassy mantle hoping nobody misses it. Who has time for shopping when there are roots to eat, bark to chew, and sleeping (fluffs) to disrupt? Night time is the right time, after all.

Orca is a free-spirited (fluff) who is always looking for ways to separate herself from the rest of the (fluff) sea creatures. She even tried beaching herself once to prove that water isn't a necessary requirement for being a creature of the ocean, but that didn't end well and thus she stays put frolicking in the deep blue. Her favorite pastimes include eating, eating and eating. And eating.

Dwarf Hamster is a big, chubby (fluff)ball who enjoys rolling his fat little self all over his cage. He likes anything round: balls, oranges, wheels, marbles… the list goes on and on. The only thing he's not so fond of is his hamster wheel, which a) requires too much effort and b) takes up too much space. So he hangs clothes on it and pretends it's not there (a concept humans know nothing about).

Me Bichon! Me puppee! Me tiny and me (fluff)y. Me looooves to cuddle and jump and yip and eat wet food cuz dry food is too crunchy and yuck. Me like doggies! And kittees and also munkiis and snailees! Me don’t like rain because me paws get allllll wet and dirrrty and yuck. Yuck yuck. Love me.

Flamingo can always be found lounging by the pool sippin' margaritas and catching some rays. Like many others of her species, she likes to stand on one leg and occasionally fly. She's a preener and gets along quite well with (pink) hippo, and they often spend hours talking about themselves without really paying attention to one another. She's also a guacamole hog, so if you have any laying around, she'll eat it. Be warned.