New DecoFoods Relased! Onion, Onion Rings, Juice, Popscorn.

It's time for another round of DecoFoods! Now you can add the Onion, Onion Rings, Juice and Popscorn to your habitat. Yum!

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM (fluff)friends!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We at (fluff)friends want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year THANK YOU for being such wonderful users. We're so glad you're on the journey with us.

2009 Glasses and Party Hat Released!

Ring in the new year right with our NEW 2009 glasses and party hat! We here at (fluff) have a lot to celebrate, and we want you to join us! Put on some new (fluff)gear and get ready to ring in the new year!

Champagne and Instant Sparkles Released!

Bring on the sparkly and the bubbly with our newest (fluff)decos. Instant sparkles easily add some pizazz to your habitat, and who doesn't want to ring in the New Year with some Champagne? The champagne is available as a food AND a DecoFood, so start spreading the news!

Glow Sticks and Sparklers Released!

Just in time for New Years Eve festivities, we're bringing on the sparkly. Don't forget to pick up some fun Glow Sticks and Sparklers. Remember, we're still three days from New Years Eve. There's more to come!

Snow Globe, Christmas Table Habitat and Holly Released!

The only thing cuter than a fluff all dressed up is a fluff all dressed up AND in a snow globe. The possibilities are pretty much endless with this one! You can choose from the smaller, flatter yellow snow snow globe or the larger, rounder red snow globe. Either way, you'll have the cutest (fluff) on the block, and that's all that really matters.

New decorations released! Sleigh and Toboggan.

Take your (fluff) for a ride in one of our two new decorations! Both are available for munny, so there's plenty to go around.

Fruitcake and Peppermint Log Released!

Yum-O! Give your (fluff) a bite of two new holiday-inspired foods: Fruitcake and Peppermint log. Enjoy!

Down the Chimney Habitat, Elf and Santa Hats Released!

Merry Christmas, (fluff)Family! We can't tell you how blessed we all feel to have such amazing users. Day after day, month after month, and for many years to come, we hope you'll continue to enjoy the fun, new things (fluff)friends has to offer. On this Christmas Day, enjoy our Down the Chimney habitat, along with an Elf and Santa hat for your (fluff)!

Beautiful Snowflakes for ALL!

Four new snowflakes were released today to honor 4 of the special holidays celebrated in December: New Years Eve, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. All of them are available for 125 munny, so buy several and gift them to friends!

i(fluff) has OFFICIALLY launched at the iTunes Store!

You read it right!

SGN has officially launched an iPhone version of (fluff)friends. It's called i(fluff) and it's a FREE application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Download it immediately! It is absolutely incredible.

- Fully animated petting feeding and racing.
- Choice of (fluff)pet.
- Stocked (fluff) shop with food, habitats and decorations.

How awesome is that??

Visit the iTunes store to download. We are so excited to bring (fluff)friends to the iTunes community!!

(This application is available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch only.)

New decorations released: (white)Tree Lights, White, Silver and Blue gifts.

Just in time for Santa's lift-off, you can now decorate your tree with some new white lights and fancy new presents! There's something for everybody, so we hope you enjoy playing with these fun new decorations!

Gifts, Tree Lights, Dreidels and MORE!

We're just days away from Christmas now, and the stocking event is in full-swing. Your friends will LOVE to see these in their stockings, and your (fluff) would love to have them in its habitat! Also, we've added a dreidel to the mix for those who celebrate Hanukah. We hope you enjoy our newest decorations, and from the folks at (fluff)friends, we hope all of you have a wonderful, joyful holiday with your families and friends. We're grateful to have you as part of the (fluff)family!

Holiday Stocking Stuffing Event Begins!

Our newest (fluff) event has begun! Wanna know the scoop? Read below.

(fluff)Stocking? What do I do with this button?

On other people's (fluff)Book page, it will bring you to the Give Gift page. At the bottom of the page, where the gift options are, is a new check box labeled "Put this gift into the user's stocking!" With this box checked, all you need to do is pick out the presents you want to give to your friends. We'll take care of wrapping up the present, putting your name and note on it, and leaving it in your friends' stocking!

On your (fluff)Book page, the button will you bring here (to the rules page). Once Dec 25, 2008 rolls around, you'll be able to claim all the gifts in your stocking from this page.

How is this different from giving them a gift?

By placing a gift in your friend's stocking, it'll be a surprise when they open it on (or after) Dec. 25, 2008. Plus, we'll keep the contents of your gift and your identity a secret until they open their stocking!

What about anonymous gifts! I want to leave anonymous gifts in my friend's stocking!

Every gift placed in a stocking will indicate the giver. That way, the receiver of the gift can properly thank and acknowledge the generosity of the giver!
I'm going away, and won't be back until after Dec. 25! Can I still open my stocking later?

We'll keep your stocking around until at least the end of January.
What about putting things in other people's stockings after Dec. 25?

As long as a (fluff)Friends user hasn't opened their stocking, you have until the last minute of 2008 to put something into their stocking. Once 2009 rolls around, you won't be able to put gifts into stockings.

So if my friend opens his or her stocking on Dec. 25, I won't be able to put any more gifts into his or her stocking?

Yep, that's correct!
Can we use this for Secret Santa between my friends?

Sure, go for it! If you need help with arranging a group, you might want to check the the forums for other (fluff)Friends interested in doing Secret Santa.

Wait, wasn't there a gift in my stocking even before anyone put a gift in there?

Yes! That's a gift from (fluff)Friends to you! You'll get it when you open your stocking!

December Golden Bonuses Released

Whoop-ah! The December Golden Bonuses have been released. Please join us in welcoming the newest members to the (fluff)family: (baby) Seal, Husky, (golden)Pila and (golden)Butterflye! These newbies would love to be adopted to a good home. Really, though... how cute are they?

New Quest! (flying) Giraffe Gift Quest Launched.

A few weeks back, we tested our first (fluff) Quest. Now we bring you its second incarnation. 'Tis better to give than to receive, or so they say. Now, you get to give first, receive later. It's a win/win!

Color Packs and Instant Fireplace Released

Hooray! Due to the overwhelming positive response to our Cozy (purple) Fireplace habitat, we've released brand new color packs and INSTANT Fireplace. Now you can add color to your habitat and mix or change it to suit your (fluffs) liking. You can also use the color packs for all sorts of cool (fluff)art, so start getting creative!

Antlers, Red Nose and Field of White Habitat Released

Nothing says Christmas like a red-nosed reindeer, and since our beloved Rain and Dear aren't adoptable, ANY (fluff) can now be turned into a cute look-a-like! We hope you enjoy our antlers and red nose, available in the 2008 Holiday shop for under 100 munny each. Less is more with our new Field of White Habitat, which can be used on its own or as a creative addition to a (fluff)artist's gallery.

According to our sources, the Field of White habitat contains a very interesting surprise. A few have figured it out. Have you?

TWO New Habitats Released: Arctic Ice & Snowy River Valley

Winter has never been so.... inhabitable! Please join us in welcoming two *NEW* habitats to (fluff)land. Arctic Ice is available for the low price of 120 munny, so buy a few and gift your friends! Our newest Golden habitat is Snowy River Valley, a beautiful blue, crisp wonderland that any (fluff) would enjoy. Be sure to bundle up your (fluff) in a hat and scarf, it's cold out there!

Breaking News: Chestnuts and the Blue Yellow Scarf released!

... and you thought we were done for the day. Nope! We cater to even the pickiest (fluffs) with this new Blue Yellow Scarf at a BARGAIN price of only 20 munny. Put one on all of your minis and chances are, you'll still have some munny left over, which you will NEED.... because there's also a new holiday food, the chestnut! If your (fluff) isn't a fan, chances are your friends will love having their (fluff) stuffed with 'em, so buy some in bulk!

Stay tuned, there's more to come...

Frozen Waterfall Habitat and Golden Scarf Released

Even a Frozen Waterfall is a beautiful place to be when your (fluff) can sport the newest in (fluff)fashion! Welcome to our new habitat and the *precious* Golden Scarf! Some (fluffs) just aren't happy with anything but the best. Now your pet can enjoy a little bit of pampering in the icy cold winter winds. We hope you enjoy these new additions to the (fluff)friends Holiday 2008 Shop!

Suburb Snow Scene and Big Red Ribbon Released!

As promised, the newest additions to the 2008 Holiday Shop have arrived. Your (fluff) will love playing in the Suburb Snow Scene, and who doesn't like a Big Red Ribbon? Give gifts big and small! (Maybe place one on a shiny red convertible and give it to someone special!) We hope you enjoy these new items, we think they are just fab!