Not sure if you want a spoon or a fork? Put a spork in it! And to complete our set, the essential knife.

New Decorations Released! Fork and Spoon.

Even if your (fluff) doesn't have opposable thumbs, you can teach it new tricks with this fork and spoon.

New Decorations Released! Chopsticks and Decorated Kitchen Table.

We hope you enjoy this decorated kitchen table and some chopsticks for good eatin'!

New Decorations Released! Plain table and kitchen chair.

Plain table and kitchen chair: A chic and minimalistic way to decorate a (fluffy) kitchen or dining room.

New Foods Released! Smoked Salmon and French Roll.

Enjoy the finer side of (fluff)cuisine while dining on some smoked salmon with a French roll.

New Habitat Released! Sunny Beach.

Sun, fun and the perfect getaway!

New Habitat Released! Surf's Up.

Hope on your board and riiiiide the perfect waves.

New Decorations Released! (pink) and (blue) beach towel and beach umbrella.

Enjoy being lazy on the beach with these towels and a beach umbrella.

New Decorations Released! Sunscreen and (fluff)friends Weekly Magazine.

Don't get your (fluffy) fur burned while reading up on the latest (fluff)friends gossip!

New Decorations Released! (orange) and (blue) flat surfboard.

Make your (fluff) ride the waves in orangey orange or bluey blue.

New Decorations Released! Inflatable tube and raft.

Float on the water with a squishy inflatable tube or raft!

New Decoration Released! Beach Crab.

He's much too cute to be crabby!

New Decorations Released! Ice Cream Cart and Beach Bag.

Sunblock? check. Towels? check. Put them in this bag with some money for ice cream!

New Decorations Released! Picnic Basket and Blanket.

A day at the beach isn't complete without some good eats! Bring you picnic basket and blanket along for a fun day in the sun.

New Decorations Released! Volleyball and Volleyball net.

Bring some fun to the beach with a volleyball and volleyball net!

New Decorations Released! Pile of Sand and Shovel.

Build a castle or bury a friend. Either way, sand is fun! Be sure to pick up our latest decorations, a pile of sand and a sweet shovel.

New Theme Released! Fun at the Beach.

A new (fluff) theme was released today, "Fun at the Beach!" First up? A beautiful sandcastle and a beach bucket.

New Decofoods Released! Apple and Jalapeno.

Decorate your habitat with apples and jalapenos!

August 2009 Golden Bonuses Released! Swanee, Jellyfishee, Igana, Calico Kittee and Yellow Lab Puppee.

Swanee is a quiet, serene (fluff) who spends her time reflecting, reading and writing poetry. She does not flit around like many other water creatures. In fact, she is often annoyed with those who disrupt her still waters. If it was up to Swanee, she’d have the entire lake to herself so that she could practice haiku and bikram yoga in peace.

Jellyfishee is a sweet, smiley (fluff) who hops and bops around to no end. She tends to get into trouble for knocking things over, disrupting other underwater (fluffs) in school and talking non-stop non-stop non-stop (really… it goes on and on)… but, cuteness goes a long way and though she is often scolded, no one can stay mad at her squishy self for long.

MEEEE yellow lab puppee! Me run run run and boooom! knock something over sorry but me happy and love everybody! EVERYBODY EVERYBODY IS MY FRIENDDDDD!! Ohhh bacon. Oh (fluff)flakes. Ohhhhh birthday cake!! Was that for somebody too late me ATE it all ups. Me have floppy ears and and play play play ohhhhhhhhh take me home!

Iguana is a rambunctious (fluff) who enjoys chasing other tiny (fluffs) around the desert. He is best buddies with the Phonenix and they often fly around Arizona laughing and giggling and going WHEEEEEEEE! He likes his weather like he likes his (fluff)tinin’s: very, very dry. However, when nobody is looking, he has been known to hop into public water fountains and cause a ruckus. Being green and scaly has its perks.

Calico kittee loves to spend her days being lazy and often spends hours upon hours doing absolutely nothing. She wonders why she is always taunted with such things as strings and lights and other annoyances when she makes it quite clear they are of no interest. She wonders why it is puppee is always anxious to come IN the house when all she would like is to run OUT of it.

New Race Pro Shop Items Released! Racing Goggles and Racing Scarf.

Here are two more incentives to take your (fluff) racing! Racing Goggles and Racing Scarf. Too cute!

The (fluff) toolbar: A new way to earn gold.

For those who just can't get enough (fluff), we introduce our new (fluff)friends toolbar! Now you can earn gold while surfing and searching the web.

New Decofood Released! Green Tea.

For those who were lucky enough to win one, our limited edition Green Tea is now available as a decofood.