Halloween Decos for ALL!

With Halloween nearly upon us, we hope you enjoy some spooky new decos!! Crystal ball, voodoo doll, crescent moon and (spooky) moon!

New Theme! Fairies and Myths.

This week we will be releasing all sorts of items that involve fairies and myths! First up, a (purple) and (black) rose, bluebell flowers and large grass.

New Theme! Coffee!

Bring on the java! Enjoy our newest (fluffy) theme!

New Decorations Released! (red) and (black) bandanas.

Decorate your (fluff) in bandanas in (red) and (black).

New Decorations Released! Wagon, Instant Tumbleweeds, Saddle and Wanted poster.

Add to your Wild West collection with Instant Tumbleweeds, wagon, saddle, and a wanted poster!

August 2010 Golden Bonuses are Released! (brown) Bear, (orange) Dragoon, Ferret, Bulldog and Lioness.

Ferret is a sleepy (fluff) who spends roughly 20 hours a day deep in slumber. When he’s not sleeping, he can be found flipping on the floor, bouncing off furniture and making chirping sounds that can be heard alllll the way down the road. His neighbors tend to forgive the noise knowing it will only be a few short hours before he is lightly snoring again. During waking hours, he can be found enjoying steak (medium-rare) and corned beef.

Lioness rules her roost with a quiet but powerful gaze. She doesn’t need to make a sound to command attention. She likes to sleep outside under the sun, basking in its heat for as many hours as she possibly can, and her little cubs know better than to run off without asking her permission. She is strict, but gentle and has some of the most well behaved babies in (fluffland).

(fluff)scriber Bonus
Imma big, tough, chubby dog. I go RUUUUUFF and I scare all da (fluffs). I don’t like da kittees they nothing but big, big trouble. I CHASE them ‘til I can’t breathe right no more. That’ll teach ‘em. That’ll show ‘em who’s boss. ‘Cuz I’M da boss and I makes the rules around these parts. So there.

(brown) Bear
(brown) Bear is always in a state of hungry. Whether he’s stealing picnic baskets, nomming on honey or searching for cookies and milk, rest assured that where there’s food, there is (brown) Bear. He is also a generous (fluff) who loves to spend time with his friends. His besties, (baby) Piggu and (baby) Wallaby, love to spend days laughing and baking yummy food.

(orange) Dragoon

(orange) Dragoon, unlike her extroverted brother, prefers a more peaceful existence. She loves to read, and she can always be found carrying a book with her wherever she goes. She does, however, share her brother’s love of all things sugar. It has been said that there are various puffs of smoke and flames coming from the Dragoon house when dessert is served.

New Items Released! Wild West.

Venture into the Wild West with a new habitat and decorations to match!

New Decoration Released! Blonde Wig.

Get all dolled up in this cute, (fluffy) wig!

New Habitat Packs Released! (Pastel)

Plain (pastel) backgrounds for our (fluff)artists out there!

New Foods and Decoration Released! Speedboat, Vanilla and Strawberry Ice Cream.

Ride the waves fast n' furious in our speedy new boat! See how your (fluff) reacts to our new creamy treats, in both strawberry and vanilla.

New Decorations Released! Lotus and Lily Pad.

Add some color to the outdoors with this lotus and lily pad.

New Foods and Decorations Released! Brown Bag Lunch, Fruit Cocktail, Boat and Sail.

Come sail away! Board a (fluffy) ship and bring along a brown bag lunch and fruit cocktail for lunch!

New Habitat Extras and Decoration Released! Willow Tree and Pond, Ocean and Waves overlays.

Add some green to your habitat with a serene willow tree, and enjoy 3 ways to add some H2O to the scene.

New Habitat and Decorations Released! Wine Country, Grapevines and Mondo Grass.

Enjoy some R&R in Wine Country! Complete your habitat with our beautiful grapevines and mondo grass.

July 2010 Golden Bonuses Released! Swallow, Pterodactyl, and Chameleon.


Swallow is a music lover who sings like a little (fluffy) angel. Her music is so soothing, many forest dwelling (fluff) fall asleep by her tree nightly. Her brilliant colors make her one of the most noticeable (fluffs), and it’s because of that that she often loses every round of Hide and Go Seek with her friends.

(fluff)Scriber Bonus

Pterodactyl loves to fly. Since he is the only one of his reptilian mates who has the ability, he rubs it in as often as possible. Sometimes he even walks around with his wings spread wide, just as a reminder. Though he is carnivorous, he often dines on veggies with his Deeno friends.


Moth is a delightful (fluff) who’s bubbly personality makes her a favorite amongst all of (fluff)land. She loves drinking Royal Rose Tea with the Butterflyes by day, and dancing with the Fireflyes by night. Her squeaky, contagious laughter can be heard from dawn till dusk, but she’s been known to wake the neighbors with her equally fierce snoring.


Douc is a disruptive, loud (fluff) who finds throwing things a favorite form of entertainment. When humans get too close he lets out a loud “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKK!” which often sends them running. The younger sibling of Munkii and older sibling of (Tamarin), he has middle child syndrome and stops at nothing to annoy people get attention.


Chameleon is a shy (fluff) who uses his ability to blend in to keep from having to be too social. Because of this, he is privy to all sorts of private information about his fellow (fluffs), and often aids Douc in his shenanigans. A sucker for (red) licorice, Douc him with plenty.