July 2010 Golden Bonuses Released! Swallow, Pterodactyl, and Chameleon.


Swallow is a music lover who sings like a little (fluffy) angel. Her music is so soothing, many forest dwelling (fluff) fall asleep by her tree nightly. Her brilliant colors make her one of the most noticeable (fluffs), and it’s because of that that she often loses every round of Hide and Go Seek with her friends.

(fluff)Scriber Bonus

Pterodactyl loves to fly. Since he is the only one of his reptilian mates who has the ability, he rubs it in as often as possible. Sometimes he even walks around with his wings spread wide, just as a reminder. Though he is carnivorous, he often dines on veggies with his Deeno friends.


Moth is a delightful (fluff) who’s bubbly personality makes her a favorite amongst all of (fluff)land. She loves drinking Royal Rose Tea with the Butterflyes by day, and dancing with the Fireflyes by night. Her squeaky, contagious laughter can be heard from dawn till dusk, but she’s been known to wake the neighbors with her equally fierce snoring.


Douc is a disruptive, loud (fluff) who finds throwing things a favorite form of entertainment. When humans get too close he lets out a loud “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKK!” which often sends them running. The younger sibling of Munkii and older sibling of (Tamarin), he has middle child syndrome and stops at nothing to annoy people get attention.


Chameleon is a shy (fluff) who uses his ability to blend in to keep from having to be too social. Because of this, he is privy to all sorts of private information about his fellow (fluffs), and often aids Douc in his shenanigans. A sucker for (red) licorice, Douc him with plenty.


Mitza_003 said...

hello, can you please give me an email. i would like to talk to you about the little animals! thank you and have a nice day!

Brandi Tittle said...

Hi, I would like to use your image of the Pterodactyl in a T-shirt design and I need your permission to do so. Email me or respond to this comment with your answer, thanks so much!

Brandi Tittle said...

Hi, Brandi again. I really need your permission to use the image of the pterodactyl in a t-shirt design. I would really appreciate an email, my email address is brandi_tittle12@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!