New Egypt Theme Items Released! Pharaoh Headdress

We hope you like our next batch of items for our Egypt Theme! You can purchase the Pharaoh Headdress and Pharaoh Headdress (tilted) - in the Golden Decorations Shop. Happy collecting!

New Egypt Theme Items Released! Bast Kittee Statue and Egyptian Necklace.

We hope you like our next batch of items for our Egypt Theme! You can purchase the Bast Kittee Statue in the Golden Decorations Shop and our Egyptian Necklace (in both straight and tilted versions) int the Regular Decorations Shop. Happy collecting!

New (fluff) Theme Begins! Ancient Egypt.

Periodically, we will be doing an entire collection of decorations and habitats that are made to go together. Today, we begin our first major collection: Ancient Egypt! You'll see a new item or items everyday on (fluff)friends until the collection has been completed. First up? Our Pyramids Habitat and a Palm Fan.

New DecoFoods Released! Chocobun and Frosted Easter Cookie.

We hope you enjoy the latest additions to the Decofood Shop! Chocobun and Frosted Easter Cookie.

New Habitat Released! Lily Pond.

Our newest munny habitat is super springy and fun! And it's only 100 munny. What a steal!

The Well is Coming...

When? Stay tuned...

New DecoFoods Released! Easter Jelly Beans and Marshmallow Chickee.

Two of our special Easter foods have become DecoFoods today! We hope you'll find a good place for some Easter Jelly Beans and Marshmallow Chickees in your habitat! You can find these and many other DecoFoods in our DecoFood Shop.

New Race Shop Update! Sweet Angel Wings.

The newest addition to the (fluff)Race Pro Shop are these new Sweet Angel Wings! Each set carries with it a certain set of attributes, so start racing!

New Decorations Released! Shovel, Plant-A-Tree and Frog(gu) Umbrella.

In honor of Earth Day, we have released some very *green* decorations!

You can find our Frog(gu) Umbrella in the Golden Decorations Shop for 10 gold.

Both our Earth Day shovel and Plant-A-Tree are available in the General Decorations Shop for 50 munny each!

New Decorations Released! (Yellow) and (Purple) Umbrella.

Our (Yellow) Umbrella can be purchased for 5 Gold in the Golden Decorations Shop.

Our (Purple) Umbrella can be purchased in the General Decorations Shop for 95 munny.

New Habitat Released! Marshlands.

Otherwise known as a morass, this habitat is a type of wetland which is subject to continuous flood. Home to a large variety of animals, now available as a home for your fluff.

New Decorations Released! (blue) and (yellow) Watering Can.

What good is a garden without some high quality water from a cute can? No good! That's what we say.

New Decoration Released! Palm Tree.

Get ready for some fun in the (fluffy) sun! Add this palm tree to your habitat and bring on the fun!

New Decorations Released! Dandelions and *fluff*.

The newest addition to our beautiful flower collection? Dandelions and some wispy *fluff* as well.

New Decorations Released! Chocolate Cake Slice and Blue Plate.

For the chocoholics out there, we have some yummy cake and a pretty blue plate to match!

New Foods Released! Matzah and Macaroon.

Just in time for Passover, we've got some foods your (fluffs) might love! Give them a taste of some matzah and macaroon. Yum!

New Items added to the 2009 Easter Shop! Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Eggs.

What better way to spend those extra points than on some chocolatey goodness? Available for only 1 point in the Egg Hunt 2009 Shop: Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Eggs.

New Decoration Released! Happy Birthday Ya-Wobbly and Birthday Balloons.

This cute little guy came to town after many of our users spotted him in a *very* special (fluff)ster's habitat. Wish anyone a very Happy (fluffy) Birthday with our Birthday Ya-Wobbly. You can purchase the balloons by themselves in the decorations shop.

New Habitat Extra Released! Instant Sunshine.

It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day! Add a little sunshine to ANY habitat with our awesome new habitat extra: Instant Sunshine.

New Decorations! Egg Dye and Paint Brushes.

Easter eggs wouldn't be complete without some color! We hope you'll have fun with the newest additions to the Easter 2009 shop: Dye in pink, blue, green, yellow AND rainbow, and a brush to seal the deal.

New Habitat Released! Squatch Forest.

Welcome to the home of the Squatch Family! Make their casa your casa.

New Foods Released! Oatmeal and Maple Syrup.

Please join us in welcoming two new (fluff) foods! Oatmeal and Maple Syrup.

New Decorations Released! Empty Egg Stand and Empty Egg Stand with Grass.

Now you have a perfect place to display your lovely eggs!! With or without grass, these stands are a sight to be seen.

New Items added to the 2009 Easter Shop! Lambee, Bunnee and

If you manage to collect one of EVERY item in the 2009 Egg Hunt, you will receive this sweet new Springtime Park by the Pond habitat. For the (fluff) who wants it ALL.

(baby) Bunnee always keeps one ear to the wind to listen for egg hunters. She has plenty of eggs to spare, and she loves to share! Available for 100 Egg Hunt Points.

(baby) Lambee is meek, mild and serene. He is happy to share the eggs in his field with anyone who comes to hunt! Available for 250 Egg Hunt Points.

The 2009 Easter Egg Hunt has begun!

Easter is Leppit's favorite time of year, and to celebrate, he's been hard at work in his Easter Workshop preparing a wide variety of delightful Easter Eggs which can be used as Decorations!

Each night at Midnight GMT, Leppit will sneak out of the workshop and hide Eggs and all sorts of prizes across (fluff)Book pages. Then, as you go about your day visiting your friends, you'll have an opportunity to collect Eggs and earn Egg Hunt '09 Points which can be traded in at the 2009 Egg Hunt Shop for special Easter Items.

Good luck!

Limited Release Items! Mobbly Hoffa, Rawr Capone, Limey Clyde and Pengi Bonnie.

Mobbly Hoffa is the godfather of the Ya-Mobbly gang. He is the master of mischief, the big boss, and does a mean disappearing act.

Rawr Capone is a fearless beast. The only way to slow him down is to throw him in the slammer. Many have tried, few have succeeded.

Limey Clyde is never without his female compatriot, Bonnie. They do a lot of... damage together.

Pengi Bonnie is the brains of the operation, and her partner, Clyde, the brawn. They are an unstoppable team of (fluffy) badness.

No mobster should ever be without this trademark accessory. Tip it sideways to be the shadiest (fluff) around.