April 1st Special! LOVE POTION!

Now for sale for a limited time - one day ONLY! Guaranteed to work as much as you would think a magical, 2-dimensional potion would. Made from the highest quality bits and bytes by our hardworking artists, this potion was brewed with the hair of a Tofu and the beak of an Ya-Wobbly. If you buy this and manage to get your victim to drink the one-and-only, original copy, we promise they will fall beyond madly in love with you. Of course, this is if you could afford the outrageooooooous price. Please be advised, all sales are FINAL. Results may vary. Potion only potent on April 1st, 2010.

For the bargain price of ........

Don't show up to a (fluffy) wedding empty handed!

New Decorations Released! Bridal Gifts and "Something Blue" Flower.

More wedding essentials! Something blue, and fabulous gifts!

New Decorations Released! Cake Toppers in Love Birds and Rings.

Top your cake with an extra special treat! Cake toppers in Love Birds and Rings.

Bring lady luck to any special even with a lucky horseshoe and heart coin.

Celebrate your special day with one of two extra yummy cakes!

New Decorations Released! Instant Tuxedo and Top Hat.

Accessorize your (fluff) with the essential wedding garb.

New Decoration Released! Buffet Table.

A place for your guests to pick up their tasty wedding goods.

New Decorations Released! Bridal Bouquets.

Fabulous floral arrangements for your very special day!

Seat your guests in a decorative white stool, and let a very special (fluff) carry the rings down the aisle!

New Decorations Released! Simple and Elaborate Wedding Veils.

Whether you prefer a simple veil or one more elaborate, we have a perfect veil for your (fluff)!

New Decorations Released! Elaborate Wedding Cake with slices!

Your guests will love a slice of our elaborate wedding cake.

New Foods Released! Wedding Cupcake and Toasting Cider.

Celebrate your special occasion with two new (fluffy) foods! Wedding cupcake and toasting cider.

New Decorations Released! Diamond Ring and String of Pearls.

Wedding season is upon us! To celebrate we start our next collection off with a diamond ring and a string of pearls.

March 2010 Golden Bonuses Released! Eagle, Sabretooth Tyger, Koi Fishee, Triceratops and Pegasus.


Triceratops loves all things “tri!” Triangles, triple scoops of ice cream, triathlons, tricolor scales, tricycles and tricuspids are her favorite. She also likes to thunder around shaking and breaking things, which makes (pink) Hippo a very close companion. She is tons of fun!

Sabretooth Tyger

Sabretooth Tyger is a very tame, sweet (fluff) who is as gentle as can be. She loves to chase small things and purrrrr and be loved. Don’t let her fangs fool you, she is a ball of serene (fluff) and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She loves yarn balls and all things warm and fuzzy.

****(fluff)scriber bonus****

Magical, mystical, sparkly and cute, Pegasus is a flighty (fluff) who brings cheer and smiles wherever she flies. She loves to run with the horsee’s and fly with the birds. She is very competitive and loves (fluff)racing more than almost anything in the world. She also loves to eat cotton candy and chocolate milkshakes. Sugar sugar yummm!

Koi Fishee

Koi Fishee is a health nut who loves spending his days working out and swimming for miles and miles. He brings good luck and fortune wherever he goes, and he is known not only for his bright colors, but his longevity. He often spends generations with just one (fluff)family!


Regal and brave, Eagle is a responsible, loyal (fluff) who loves his country and his fellow (fluff)friends. He is patriotic and loves singing national anthems just for fun. When he’s not soaring above the open plains, he enjoys fishing and camping and anything that brings outdoorsy fun

New Decorations Released! Violets and log.

It's March! Make your outdoors bright with some pretty violets, and a log for Beaver to play!