Our 4th Birthday !

We are thrilled with the results of our 4th Birthday celebration. We are so excited all of you were happy with the items and the clues.

The birthday event was two months in the making, but it was WELL worth it. A lot of our (fluff)'s wanted to be plushies. Our dearest Ya-Wobbly even threatened to eat all the foods from the (fluff) Food Shop if we didn't choose him. But guess what? We closed the deal, and promised him that we were going to make a Cupcake in his honor! He was so excited about it! You could tell by the look on his face.

So... here they are, the lucky 5!

Lil' Elephant

Lil' Turtle

Lil' Tofu

Lil' Piggu

Lil' (flying) Giraffe

However... a party is not a party unless you give your guests food! That's why we started baking this special cookies and cupcakes!

Ya-Wobbly Cupcake


But we had the feeling that it wasn't enough! You need that special touch of every birthday. After much thought, we figured a nice habitat was in order....

And with the habitat, we added a balloon....

But the most important part of our birthday celebration was the final installment, the big, ultimate, awesome surprise...

(birthday) Uniko!

She is a very special addition to our (fluff)family and for a limited time is FREE for our users.

All in all, our birthday week was a huge success and we are so grateful that everyone enjoyed it so much!

New Decoration Released! Umbrella Thorn Tree.

This tree is found primarily in parts of the African continent, and indicates spots of good soil. Growing very high, it provides sanctuary to many species of birds.

New Decoration Released! Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-Me-Nots are flowers that are associated with much folklore and legends. They are sure to make any garden habitat very happy!

Spring Gardens - Cone Flower

These flowers have been described as "Daisies in a hurry," and can bloom into the late summer.

New Decoration Released! Cherry Blossom Tree.

Reminiscent of the Pink Tree, the Cherry Blossom Tree not only provides a wonderful scent in the habitat, it also provides a great color contrast.

New Decoration Released! Outdoor Lamp.

What beautiful garden would be complete without these classic outdoor lamps? We know of several fluffs who are planting gardens just so that they can install them.

New Decoration Released! Wrought Iron Bench.

A fine addition to any sophisticated (fluff) garden is this beautiful wrought iron bench. This lovely addition to your habitat will make a pleasant corner for fluffs to come sit and relax.

New Decorations Released! Bird Bath and Bird Cage.

Is your bird tired after a day of fluffing? A nice refreshing dip in the bird bath is just the answer.
For those birds who may choose to dwell in a cage part time, we've provided that as well.

New Decorations Released! Birds Nests.

What better sign of spring than the gentle chirping of baby birds? (fluff) birds have the option of a starter nest, or a nest complete with eggs.

Italian Theme

Well, most of you have noticed that there is a new theme - Italy, with new decos and especially new foods. The cannolis bring back memories of a small Italian bakery, where they made some of the best in the world.
But the real question that many people have been wondering is - what is the difference between the Pasta Dinner and Spaghetti, and (full) Pizza and Pizza Slice?

We tried asking the chefs in the (fluff) kitchens. Before they could chased us out, we discovered that the new foods have a totally new recipe and a new cooking format. Aside from that, we cannot tell you much more. The chef tends to be very excitable at times.

Too much to decide...

A theme that has limitless possibilities, and an Event.
All right. for no other reason than today is March 17...
Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone who is Irish, part Irish, semi-Irish, wishes they were Irish, or once ate a green vegetable.
We did try to have a parade on (fluff) Friends, but the fluffs did not really fee like it. Well...not all...but my fluff is a dragun (green, of course), and his idea of physical activity is opening a can of (fluff) ade.
So what do we do in this event?
We buy clovers and gift them to our friends

Each clover gives us some points.
Collect enough points, and you can get a
mini and mega minis available
or a St. Patrick's day headband!

...or you can get some special Limited Edition St. Patrick's food to celebrate:

So what are you waiting for? Go to the (fluff) Friends St. Patrick's Day Event page for more information. But hurry! The event ends on March 20!
Don't have a (fluff) Friend yet? Well then, adopt one!