Too much to decide...

A theme that has limitless possibilities, and an Event.
All right. for no other reason than today is March 17...
Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone who is Irish, part Irish, semi-Irish, wishes they were Irish, or once ate a green vegetable.
We did try to have a parade on (fluff) Friends, but the fluffs did not really fee like it. Well...not all...but my fluff is a dragun (green, of course), and his idea of physical activity is opening a can of (fluff) ade.
So what do we do in this event?
We buy clovers and gift them to our friends

Each clover gives us some points.
Collect enough points, and you can get a
mini and mega minis available
or a St. Patrick's day headband!

...or you can get some special Limited Edition St. Patrick's food to celebrate:

So what are you waiting for? Go to the (fluff) Friends St. Patrick's Day Event page for more information. But hurry! The event ends on March 20!
Don't have a (fluff) Friend yet? Well then, adopt one!