New Decoration Released! Measuring Cup.

A measuring cup for those (fluffs) who like to cook by-the-book.

New Decoration Released! (pink) retro shades.

Pink shades make any (fluff) feel fab-u-lous!

New Race Pro Shop Item Released! Race Helmet.

Keep your racing (fluff) safe with a helmet from the race pro shop.

New Decorations Released! Striped and Heart Apron.

Our striped and heart aprons keep your (fluff) free of the stickies.

New Race Pro Shop Item Released: Race Track Habitat.

We hope you enjoy the first habitat ever added to the (fluff) Race Pro Shop! How all your (fluffy) friends can watch your speedy (fluff) go!

New Habitat Released! Retro Diner.

This habitat will make you want to go back a few years and remember the good ol' days.

New Decorations Released! Glass Cake Stand Cover and Oven Mitt.

Cover your sweet treats with this glass cake stand cover, and keep your (fluffy) paws safe wearing a sweet little mitt.

New Decorations Released! Spatula and (fluff)Baker.

With a baker this cute, you'll WANT too many cooks in your kitchen! And now, you can mix things up a bit with our new spatula decoration.

New Habitat Extra Released! Munkii Cook Overlay.

Add this little munkii cook to your habitat of choice.

New Habitat Released! Retro Kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Habitat: A nice place to sit down and eat with the (fluffy) family.

New Decorations Released! (pink) and (teal) pan.

Cooking pans worthy of the pickiest (fluffs). Available in (pink) and (teal).

New Decorations Released! (pink) and (teal) fridge.

A kitchen just isn't a kitchen without a fantastic fridge. Available in (teal) and (pink).

New Decorations Released! Glass Cake Stand (pink) and Icing Tube.

We hope you enjoy the latest additions to our In the Kitchen theme: Glass Cake Stand (pink), the perfect place to display the fruits of your labor, and a nice icing tube to add details to your cake creations.

New Decorations Released! (teal) and (pink) oven doors.

Match your door to your oven and match your oven to your kitchen! Available in (teal) and (pink).

New Decorations Released! Baked Pie and Baking Pan with Cookies.

Baked Pie and Baking Pan with Cookies: so good you can almost taste 'em.

New Decorations Released! (teal) and (pink) mixing bowls.

Match your bowls to your stove and mix up some good food stuffs with in these (teal) and (pink) mixing bowls.

New Decorations Released! (teal) and (pink) stove.

Spice up your kitchen habitat with stoves in both (pink) and (teal).

New Theme Released! In the Kitchen.

We hope you enjoy our newest them, In the Kitchen! The first releases in the series are this cute Country Kitchen and a mixing spoon. More to come!

New Decorations Released! (yellow) retro shades.

Make everyday a bright, sunshiny one with these yellow shades.

New Decorations Released! (blue) retro shades.

When your (fluff) wears these shades, the moon will REALLY be blue.

New Decorations Released!

Add to your 4th of July celebration with these new (white) and (pink) firework decorations!

New Decorations Released! (blue) fireworks and sparkler.

Help us celebrate the 4th of July with these (blue) fireworks and (red & blue) sparkler decos!