New (fluff) Released! (chocolate) Poni!

(chocolate) Poni likes all things cocoa-y and chocolate-y and sweet! He can be found hoarding all the chocolate puddings and freezees in (fluff)land. He is also known for picking the chocolate beans out of every bag of every flavor beans he can get his hands on. He's also a bit messy, and his chocolate hoofprints can be found leaving the scene of many sugary escapades!

New Decorations Released! (Huskee) and (Calico) Bibs.

A bib almost too cute for spilled food.

New Decorations Released! Babby Rattles.

Rattle, rattle! Let the (fluff) babies play!

New Decoration Released! Princess Tiara.

The ultimate diva accessory.

New Decoration Released! Princess Vanity.

A perfect vanity for a (fluffy) princess.

April 2010 Golden Bonuses Released! (blue) Frog(gu), Platypus, Snakee, (blossom) Foxee, (glowing) Fireflye

(blue) Frog(gu) eats berries by the bunch in bed. He bats his baby blues at bunnee's and bounces bananas off of baseball bats. He also loves big baked beans and bacon bits.

Platypus likes to spend his days going splat-a-pus whilst lying on a mat-a-pus. He is a rough and tumble (fluff) who isn't afraid of dirt and mud and water and all things naturey and messy.

Snakee hopes to break the cycle of believing all things slithery are scary and mean. He loves to spend time eating marshmallows with chickee and swimming with Platypus, both of whom enjoy marshmallows and swimming, but not simultaneously.

****(fluff)scriber Bonus****
(blossom) Foxee is Spring's best friend! Her pink fur puts a pop of color into any landscape, and her rosy attitude is contagious. She is always helping others and brings sunshine to any (fluffs) day. Adopting this extra special (fluff) will surely make her *blush*.

(glowing) Fireflye bedazzles (fluffs) wherever she flyes. Her sparkles decorate the summer night skies with a beautiful glow. She spends her days sleeping and her nights lighting up (fluff)land.