New Food Released! Pea Pod.

Three peas in a three-pea pod: say it three times fast. We dare ya. Let your (fluff) have a taste of some home grown goodness.

New Food Released! Rice Bowl.

Carbs are good, mmmkay? Feed your fluff some of our newest (fluff) food, the Rice Bowl!

New Decorations Released! Black and Silver Laptops.

For the pickiest (fluffs), here are two more color options in our "Bringing the Internet to the Internet to play on the Internet" campaign. GET ON THE TECHNO TRAIN! Enjoy!

New Decorations Released! White and Gold Laptops.

The internet comes to... the internet. And in different colors! Now your (fluff) can play (fluff) on (fluff). It's a wonderful life.

New Decorations Released! Quarter Rest, Eighth Rest, Sharp, Flat.

Another addition to our Music Notes collection: Quarter Rest, Eight Rest, Sharp and Flat. Not EVERY song can be in the key of C, right?

New Decorations Released! Black, White and Rainbow Music Staves

To complete our Music Notes collection, here is the final piece of the puzzle: a home for your (fluff)y little notes and rests!

Happy Chinese New Year from (fluff)friends!

Celebrate a fresh start with our special 2009 Chinese New Year decorations! Feed your (fluff) a fortune cookie, decorate your habitat with a beautiful plum blossom, and allow your (fluff) to participate in the traditional Dragon Parade! We at (fluff)friends want to wish everyone a very special New Year. We're proud to honor that tradition with all of you.

Happy Australia Day from (fluff)friends!

Happy Australia Day! To honor this very special holiday, we have released some very special items! Give your (fluff) a taste of our new Lamingtons. They are super yummy and sure to please. The Golden Wattle will be a perfect addition to any habitat, and while you're at it? Take your (fluff) on a trip to the famous Sydney Opera House. All of these items are available for purchase in our various (fluff)shops, so let's celebrate!

New Decorations Released! Eighth Note

La! Don't forget this lovely gem for your (fluff)Friend, located in the Golden Decorations Shop.

TIP: Please make sure to press "Buy these Golden Decorations" and NOT "Buy these Golden Habitat Extras"

New Decorations Released! Music Quarter, Half, and Whole Notes!

Yay! Part three of our music notes to help your (fluff)Friend belt out that old familiar tune. The Quarter, Half and Whole Notes are all available for munny in the General Decorations Tab of the Decorations Shop.

New Decorations Released! Bass Clef and Music Notes (triplets).

Part Two of the Music Collection is here! Please enjoy our Bass Clef and Music Notes (triplets), both available in the Golden Decorations Shop.

New Decorations Released: Treble Clef, Music Notes (quads) and Music Notes (couples).

We're proud to introduce the first pieces of our Music Collection. Make your own (fluff)friends: The Musical! theme, or just force your (fluff) to sing off-key. Either way, it will be good fun for all (except for the (fluffs) who have to listen to tone-deaf (fluffs).

New DecoFoods Released! Sparkling Grape and Hot Dog

As promised, another set of DecoFoods have been released. Buy your Sparkling Grape and Hot Dog DecoFoods at our DecoFoods Shop.

New Habitat Released: Mountain Cabin

A snowy mountain cabin. Goodbye city and hello secluded relaxation! Get it now in the Golden Habitats Shop

New Habitat Released! Day Spa.

Pamper your (fluff) in our new Day Spa habitat! It's the perfect getaway. Manicure, pedicure, you name it. Even (fluffs) need a little TLC.

Special Announcement: Which items will become Limited Edition?

Now that the holidays are behind us, there are several decorations and habitats in our midst. To keep things interesting, we will be retiring some of these items in just a couple of days. Which items are they? We're not telling. You might want to stock up on a few of everything, you never know which items will end up being worth a lot down the road!

January Golden Bonuses Released! (Canadian) Goose, (snowy) Owl, Sadsquatch and Puffin

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FLUFFSTERS! We hope you'll welcome our newest friends into the land of (fluff): (Canadian) Goose, (snowy) Owl, Sadsquatch and Puffin. They are looking for good friends and great homes, so adopt one today! Know a friend new to (fluff)friends? Gift them with one of the Golden Bonus keys and let them unlock the magic.

New Foods Released! Toasted Marshmallow and Popcorn Ball

The goodies just keep on coming! We hope your (fluff) will enjoy our two newest additions: Toasted Marshmallow and Popcorn Ball. Scrumptious!

New Foods Released! Red and Green Jello.

Say hello to our lee-tle friends... red and green jello! We hope your (fluff) enjoys these jiggly treats.