New Golden Bonuses Released! Hummeebird, (red) Panda, Manatee, Gladsquatch and Tree Frog(gu).


Hummeebird is one of the smartest (fluffs) in existence. She rattles off math facts in her sleep. She remembers every single flower she’s ever been to, and how long it will take that flower to refill. Her hearing is impeccable, so it’s generally not a good idea to gossip about her behind her back. She can see farther than any human, and is very well aware that her abilities are exceptional. However, she uses her gifts for the good, and can often be found tutoring baby (fluffs) or teaching the flight-challenged baby hummees how to fly.

Gladsquatch is the second incarnation in the “Squatch” family. Big brother Sadsquatch has a tough time seeing the glass as half-full, but Gladsquatch always seems to find the good in things. The ultimate optimist, Gladsquatch is never without an adorable smile on her face. She sings in the shower, skips down the street, and can say things like “Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s” without coming off as terribly obnoxious. She is a necessary addition to any (fluff) household.

Tree Frog(gu) is the ultimate customer service guru. She organizes, files, and ships (fluff)goods better than any other (fluff) around. Though her desk is often a mess (she has a penchant for nail polish), she somehow manages to keep all of (fluff)land in working order. If a (fluff) has a problem, Tree Frog(gu) fixes it. She keeps crazy hours and rarely sleeps, but there’s no more reliable, honest, giving (fluff) around.

Manatee is as mellow as any animal could possibly be. He does everything very…. Very… very…very… ok, you get the point…. Slowly. Once upon a time, he competed to be in a synchronized swimming team. But… by the time the song was ending, he was just starting, and that, in combination with his narcoleptic tendencies, put an end to that dream. When he’s not scouring the ocean for leafy greens, you’ll find him chatting it up with Snailee, the only other (fluff) who truly understand his sluggish ways.

(red) Panda is an adventurous, ornery (fluff). With his long, furry tail and red-tinged fur, he often finds himself getting into some sort of trouble. He’s most active at dusk, dawn, and during the night, when most (fluffs) are waking, winding down, or sleeping. Whether it’s nose-diving from a tree into the roof of a groundhog den or disrupting a sleeping hummeebird, he never seems to learn when to leave well enough alone. Still, he’s cute, warm and fuzzy, and pretty much impossible not to love.