March Golden Bonus Released! Snailee, Duckee, Kittee and Ladee Bug.

Duckee is a curious little quacker. She’s never quite sure where she’s supposed to be, and she really doesn’t much care because she goes wherever she wants to go anyway. She will explore anywhere… or anything. She has no sense of fear, because she has no sense of danger. If not for Roostee’s constant watch, she might end up sleeping with the fishees, which she doesn’t mind either because hey, fishees are cool. Just sayin’.

Snailee is a nocturnal (fluff) who likes getting things done in the dark. He is a fitness buff and loves hitting the treadmill in the wee hours. He can do it all: running, resistance training, swimming and biking. He enjoys trips to Smoothie King for his regular Hulk Chocolate shake, and he’s never too shy to tell people about his mad skills. He’s currently training for his first triathlon, in which he hopes to set a record snail time: roughly 48-72 hours.

Ladee bug is a sweet little (fluff) who loves sunshine and rainbows and all other cute, girly things. She spends most of her time outdoors and has a very wild imagination, which she uses write fun stories and poems. She loves spending time with (pink) elefant and (huggy) Bear, her closest (fluff) pals. Her creativity and positive attitude make her a (fluff) every other (fluff) wants to be around.

The (fluff) Kittee. Soooo cute. Soooo fluffy. Sooooooooooo ORNERY. Don’t let this cute little ball of (fluff) fool you. She does not like to sleep. She would rather steal food, hide socks, and make lots of noise MEOWING until you pay her some attention. She is known to ignore scratching poles in favor of the living room sofa. Not the old sofa. The one you just bought a week ago. That is the sofa she likes. Never a dull moment with this (fluff). Ever.