Our 4th Birthday !

We are thrilled with the results of our 4th Birthday celebration. We are so excited all of you were happy with the items and the clues.

The birthday event was two months in the making, but it was WELL worth it. A lot of our (fluff)'s wanted to be plushies. Our dearest Ya-Wobbly even threatened to eat all the foods from the (fluff) Food Shop if we didn't choose him. But guess what? We closed the deal, and promised him that we were going to make a Cupcake in his honor! He was so excited about it! You could tell by the look on his face.

So... here they are, the lucky 5!

Lil' Elephant

Lil' Turtle

Lil' Tofu

Lil' Piggu

Lil' (flying) Giraffe

However... a party is not a party unless you give your guests food! That's why we started baking this special cookies and cupcakes!

Ya-Wobbly Cupcake


But we had the feeling that it wasn't enough! You need that special touch of every birthday. After much thought, we figured a nice habitat was in order....

And with the habitat, we added a balloon....

But the most important part of our birthday celebration was the final installment, the big, ultimate, awesome surprise...

(birthday) Uniko!

She is a very special addition to our (fluff)family and for a limited time is FREE for our users.

All in all, our birthday week was a huge success and we are so grateful that everyone enjoyed it so much!