Limited Release Items! Mobbly Hoffa, Rawr Capone, Limey Clyde and Pengi Bonnie.

Mobbly Hoffa is the godfather of the Ya-Mobbly gang. He is the master of mischief, the big boss, and does a mean disappearing act.

Rawr Capone is a fearless beast. The only way to slow him down is to throw him in the slammer. Many have tried, few have succeeded.

Limey Clyde is never without his female compatriot, Bonnie. They do a lot of... damage together.

Pengi Bonnie is the brains of the operation, and her partner, Clyde, the brawn. They are an unstoppable team of (fluffy) badness.

No mobster should ever be without this trademark accessory. Tip it sideways to be the shadiest (fluff) around.