August 2010 Golden Bonuses are Released! (brown) Bear, (orange) Dragoon, Ferret, Bulldog and Lioness.

Ferret is a sleepy (fluff) who spends roughly 20 hours a day deep in slumber. When he’s not sleeping, he can be found flipping on the floor, bouncing off furniture and making chirping sounds that can be heard alllll the way down the road. His neighbors tend to forgive the noise knowing it will only be a few short hours before he is lightly snoring again. During waking hours, he can be found enjoying steak (medium-rare) and corned beef.

Lioness rules her roost with a quiet but powerful gaze. She doesn’t need to make a sound to command attention. She likes to sleep outside under the sun, basking in its heat for as many hours as she possibly can, and her little cubs know better than to run off without asking her permission. She is strict, but gentle and has some of the most well behaved babies in (fluffland).

(fluff)scriber Bonus
Imma big, tough, chubby dog. I go RUUUUUFF and I scare all da (fluffs). I don’t like da kittees they nothing but big, big trouble. I CHASE them ‘til I can’t breathe right no more. That’ll teach ‘em. That’ll show ‘em who’s boss. ‘Cuz I’M da boss and I makes the rules around these parts. So there.

(brown) Bear
(brown) Bear is always in a state of hungry. Whether he’s stealing picnic baskets, nomming on honey or searching for cookies and milk, rest assured that where there’s food, there is (brown) Bear. He is also a generous (fluff) who loves to spend time with his friends. His besties, (baby) Piggu and (baby) Wallaby, love to spend days laughing and baking yummy food.

(orange) Dragoon

(orange) Dragoon, unlike her extroverted brother, prefers a more peaceful existence. She loves to read, and she can always be found carrying a book with her wherever she goes. She does, however, share her brother’s love of all things sugar. It has been said that there are various puffs of smoke and flames coming from the Dragoon house when dessert is served.


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