i(fluff) has OFFICIALLY launched at the iTunes Store!

You read it right!

SGN has officially launched an iPhone version of (fluff)friends. It's called i(fluff) and it's a FREE application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Download it immediately! It is absolutely incredible.

- Fully animated petting feeding and racing.
- Choice of (fluff)pet.
- Stocked (fluff) shop with food, habitats and decorations.

How awesome is that??

Visit the iTunes store to download. We are so excited to bring (fluff)friends to the iTunes community!!


(This application is available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch only.)


Amalah said...

Hey I really like this app. Are you going to be releasing any more updates to it? I'd love to see more minigames and Fluffs. :)

And how many creatures are in this version so far? At the moment I've unlocked up to Black Chat, and I'm really hoping the Pink Unicorn Fluff from the title screen is in there somewhere. ^_^

Archaeosoup said...

This app is brilliant, though I would LOVE to be able to connect to my facebook fluff friend and look after him via my iphone!