Holiday Stocking Stuffing Event Begins!

Our newest (fluff) event has begun! Wanna know the scoop? Read below.

(fluff)Stocking? What do I do with this button?

On other people's (fluff)Book page, it will bring you to the Give Gift page. At the bottom of the page, where the gift options are, is a new check box labeled "Put this gift into the user's stocking!" With this box checked, all you need to do is pick out the presents you want to give to your friends. We'll take care of wrapping up the present, putting your name and note on it, and leaving it in your friends' stocking!

On your (fluff)Book page, the button will you bring here (to the rules page). Once Dec 25, 2008 rolls around, you'll be able to claim all the gifts in your stocking from this page.

How is this different from giving them a gift?

By placing a gift in your friend's stocking, it'll be a surprise when they open it on (or after) Dec. 25, 2008. Plus, we'll keep the contents of your gift and your identity a secret until they open their stocking!

What about anonymous gifts! I want to leave anonymous gifts in my friend's stocking!

Every gift placed in a stocking will indicate the giver. That way, the receiver of the gift can properly thank and acknowledge the generosity of the giver!
I'm going away, and won't be back until after Dec. 25! Can I still open my stocking later?

We'll keep your stocking around until at least the end of January.
What about putting things in other people's stockings after Dec. 25?

As long as a (fluff)Friends user hasn't opened their stocking, you have until the last minute of 2008 to put something into their stocking. Once 2009 rolls around, you won't be able to put gifts into stockings.

So if my friend opens his or her stocking on Dec. 25, I won't be able to put any more gifts into his or her stocking?

Yep, that's correct!
Can we use this for Secret Santa between my friends?

Sure, go for it! If you need help with arranging a group, you might want to check the the forums for other (fluff)Friends interested in doing Secret Santa.

Wait, wasn't there a gift in my stocking even before anyone put a gift in there?

Yes! That's a gift from (fluff)Friends to you! You'll get it when you open your stocking!