May Golden Bonuses Released! Hedgeehog, Rockee, Pufferfishee, Woolee Mamoth and Skunku

Hedgeehog is a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast fluff. He loves folding up into a ball and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooming across fields, down hills and random upside down loops found in nature. He often frequents Sonic drive thru’s where he munches on (fluff)fries, round burgers and boba before flying off to his next big adventure. The other (fluffs) always wonder why he keeps asking where all of the golden rings are. He’s a little loopy, but fun to be around.

Pufferfishee is a very bubbly (fluff) who loves to drive. By day, she teaches young fishees (and a very obnoxious sponge) driving lessons, but by night she’s a speed demon. She loves a good challenge and adores racing other (fluffs). Though skilled, she should probably not be trusted with a red convertible, so lend at your own risk.

Skunku is a (fluff) who really doesn’t care what any of the other (fluffs) are doing at any given moment. He moves slowly and carries a big stink. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in odor, so even the most rambunctious (fluffs) tend to keep a distance. He has a very special bond with the hedgeehog, and they like to spend evening scavenging for food and singing campfire songs (they don’t need no stinkin’ campfire).

Rockee is a very funny, personable (fluff). He really doesn’t have a choice, because he can’t move anywhere. He tells jokes, stories and always keeps his (fluffy) friends coming back for more entertainment. He’s a little thick around the middle and often asks if his posterior looks big in his pants, which is rather odd because he doesn’t wear pants. Anyway, his eccentricity is what makes him original, and most (fluffs) are a fans.

Woolee Mammoth loves being in (fluff) form. His size has prevented him from living in most homes, so he wanders around the arctic with a very “Eeyore-esque” personality. “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’d eat worms if they were alive in this part of the world.” What he needs is some good old-fashioned (fluffy) love. He often sits on large blocks of ice wishing on a star for someone to adopt him and feed him some (fluff)ade and lucky bamboo.