June 2009 Golden Bonuses Released! Meerkat, (sea) Turtle, Fawn, Panther and Beagle.

(sea) Turtle is a chilled-out cruiser by day, masked ninja warrior by night. He’s the ultimate (fluff) enigma. Nobody knows about his secret skills, so they often do a lot of smack-talkin’ while he smiles smugly at his knowledge of their ineptitude. Despite his wicked-fast nunchuck skills, he still enjoys a lazy day in the water, crusin’ the Australian current.

Panther has always dreamed of being a detective. His mother once showed him a movie about a certain “Pink” counterpart, and from that moment on, a dream was born. However, our dear panther is loud, clumsy and has a list of phobias that fill an entire (fluffy) medical book, so going on quests is pretty much out of the picture. Instead, he lays around his messy den, hoping the germs on the walls don’t attack him.


Meerkat is a food snob. While most other meerkats are content to forage for various omnivorous cuisine, (fluff) meerkat will travel far and wide to find the best of the best. He is particularly fond of the (pink) Hippo, who shares his love of all things foody. When he’s not digging tunnels and scouring for new treats, he spends time on the couch in (pink) Hippo’s house watching the Food Network.

Fawn is a prim, proper, by-the-book, my-way-or-the-highway (which can prove to be fatal for others of her breed), yackety yack don’t talk back (fluff). She rules the forest and has often been known to scare a hunter or two. She’s fast, furious and tenacious. She almost always gets her way. She’s not the friendliest of (fluffs), but her presence in any terrain is tangible, and those who don’t like her are usually just jealous, because… well, that’s what she thinks, anyway.

Beagle is one hyper pup. He’s always getting into trouble on account of the fact that he can’t sit still more than 13.4 seconds. Really. We’ve timed it. 13.4 is the record. Anyway, he finds himself oddly drawn to those who carry blue blankets and play miniature grand pianos and is always on the hunt for (fluffs) wearing yellow shirts with black zig-zags. Few and far between, they are.