Good morning

Very interesting.

I happened to look into some Blogger settings, and it appears that I am the only user with permissions here.

I miss Fluff Friends. At least I was lucky enough to receive my plushie fluff (due to a technical error).

So  - Should I abandon this blog into the void? or should we use it to wax nostalgic about our favorite game.

Dorlinger Dragun wants to know!


MiriY said...

Pattie misses fluff Friends too.

ibneko said...

One of the dev still misses (fluff)Friends. :)

Wax away. I can't bring back anything, since I definitely don't own the content, but I'm still around and listening.

Unknown said...

I see the last post was a few years ago. I'm up in the middle of the started with wanting to find a pic of one of my signatures from the Fluff message board. That was over an hour ago, I'm still looking at Fluff stuff. I still miss Fluff SO MUCH. I was also lucky to get a plushie, though I got mine off ebay. It's of my Dragun, Akhor. He actually sits on my kitchen counter so I can see him all the time! I might even get a tattoo of him someday. Akhor always wore glasses and a tie! I know only other Fluff addicts could ever understand me wanting to get a tattoo of him...the game just meant so much to me for so long...including the friends I made playing it! In looking through old sigs I found, which I had forgotten about, the sig that proudly stated I was the world record holder for Madsquatches! :) I tried to get the record for mini Draguns, but hadn't made it when the game was ripped from us. I will ALWAYS love Fluff and miss the game, but more importantly, the amazing, family...that came with it! I'm glad to know there are still others who miss it as much as I do! Thanks for making this blog, and for being a fellow Dragun lover!!!! -Christina