June 2010 Golden Bonuses Released! Toucan, Tasmanian Devil, (ragdoll) Kittee, (dust) Bunnee and (fox) Terrier.

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Toucan loves all things colorful and rainbows are his most favoritest thing ever! He loves the sun, salsa music and basks in the sun as often as possible. His singing voice is lacking, so he leaves all the singing to this island breezy Parrot friends. He will gladly make a land trip to hang with his favorite (fluff)friend, Snakee.

Tasmanian Devil will forever be known as the impish somewhat evil (fluffy) genius amongst all other (fluffs). He is always plotting a scheme that inevitably goes awry, and even his maniacal rages aren’t all that scary.

(ragdoll) Kittee loves to laze around all day hanging off of couches and chairs and sometimes even tables. She is a people watcher who is acutely aware of the comings and goings of various beings in her presence. She may not jump around or chase balls of yarn, but her sweet smile makes her a (fluff) you’ll always want to have around.

(fox) Terrier is a playful (fluff) who gives Tasmanian Devil a run for his money in the impish, ornery department. She can shred a toy in 2 seconds flat and often looks around with a “Who, Me?” look on her face after her latest destructive act. She loves to run until she’s worn out and crash on the carpet for a good afternoon nap.

(dust) Bunnee spends her days hiding in the darkest corners and nooks she can find. Old houses, shoe boxes and cobwebs are her personal favorites. She’s got a warehouse full of lost socks and loves to munch on them as often as possible. Your trash? Her treasure.