May 2010 Golden Bonses Released! (baby) Piggu, Betta, Rat.

Rat is a mischievous (fluff) who loves to sneak around stealing bits of (fluff)food from his fellow friends. He is quick and nimble, and can often be found with cheese and other foods jammed into his cheeks and bulging from his arms. Luckily, his small tummy can’t hold much so his thievery usually goes unnoticed.

Dragoon is the cuddliest spiky beast you will ever meet. His contagious laugh and silly nature make him easily loved by all. A thrill seeker, he enjoys theme parks and has never met a roller coaster he didn’t like. He also loves sugary foods and never turns down a yummee bear or ball of cotton candy.

****(fluff)scriber Bonus****

(blue) Jay is a fiesty little (fluff) who spends his days singing and seeking out bumbly bees. He loves flowers and grass and springtime rain, often whistling a happy tune even on the bluest of days. When not humming a top 40 tune, he can be found playing "Go Fish" in Beaver's den.


Betta prides herself on being the prettiest fishee in the (fluffy) sea. Her azure and pink sparkles light up even the muddiest of waters and her sparkly personality is as magnetic as her flashy scales. When not devotin’ full time to floatin’ she can be found seeking out the latest and greatest flavored lip glosses.

(baby) Piggu

(baby) Piggu, unlike, her round and spotted adult counterpart, thinks of things other than just hearts. She doesn’t like to get her soft pink skin dirty, so she stays away from puddles of mud and all things grimy. An avid reader, she is often found huddled up in the corner of the barn reading her latest guilty pleasure.