2010 February Golden Bonuses have arrived! (pink) Poni, Donkee, Beaver, (chocolate) Lab and (hope) Bear.

****(fluff)scriber Bonus****
(pink) Poni
(pink ) Poni loves to love things. She loves food and friends and animals and allll the objects found in (fluff)land. Most of all? She loves being in love. Her passionate, friendly, genuine attitude towards others makes her hard not to love. Her cute little birthmark is an outward reminder that, first and foremost, we should love others. We should find the beauty in ourselves and embrace it. True love is without end.


Donkee is a brainy (fluff) who’s life-long dream is to make an appearance on a game show of some sort. He can do it all: answer trivia, fill in blank letters and even choose a suitcase with a touch of pure genius. When he’s not solving puzzles, you can find him chasing after (pink) Poni, who makes him all gooey and giddy inside. He’s the king of hopeless crushes.

(chocolate) Lab

(chocolate) Lab is quite rambunctious and always manages to find his way into the pantry. He tends to forego doggy treats for all things sweet and takes his (chocolate) name quite literally. Valentine’s Day is one of his favorite holidays, as it allows him to search for cardboard heart boxes filled with his favorite goodies.


Beaver is an introverted, shy (fluff) who prefers to spend his time digging holes and getting filthy than socializing with the rest of the (fluff)gang. He likes to read, but has a library full of books that are covered in mud. He’s not a fan of cleaning up after a good digging session! However, his hidden talent comes in cooking, and is filet of generic (fluff)food is renowned, though never really taste tested by the masses.

(hope) Bear

(hope) Bear is the friend you always want to surround you. She is strong, beautiful and full of courage. She believes in fighting the good fight, loving and believing in oneself, and never letting a label become a reality. Even in moments of pain and weakness (hope) Bear radiates a positive attitude and a desire to stay the course. She is brave, courageous, and always wearing a smile. She reminds us that hope is never lost, even if at times it seems hidden.