January 2010 Golden Bonuses Released! (Mandarin) Duck, (Tamarin) Munkii, Snowsquatch, (baby) Pengi and (sugar) Glider.

(baby) Pengi

(baby) Pengi is still finding his sea legs, so to speak. He waddles and slides and plops down on his cute little pengi face constantly. However, he's a determined little (fluff)ball who finds company with the ever beautiful Snowsquatch. She lets him sit on her shoulder while she glides across the ice, and he loves feeling so high and mighty and BIG! He's the sweetest, cutest, most well-mannered (fluff) in the bunch.

***(fluff)Scriber bonus***
(sugar) Glider

(sugar) Glider is a free-spirited (fluff) who loves to pretend he can really fly through the air for long periods of time. He is also fairly stubborn and despite his many bumps and bruises, he just keeps trying. He loves to nom acacia berries, suck down eucalyptus sap and hopes to get (surf) or (turf) Parrot to teach him the ways of the flying (fluffs).

(Tamarin) Munkii

Don't let the tiny size of this little munkii fool you: he gets himself into some large-scale trouble. Whether it's stealing puzzle pieces (there's always one missing, isn't there?) or chewing lost socks (he laughs maniacally as you search) he is never without a scheme or a plot or a plan on the brain. His itty bitty face is endearing enough that he's only mildly annoying, and he is easily distracted by good food to eat.


Snowsquatch is the ultimate ice princess. She loves the cold and can often be found making fruity freezees from the snow that falls in Squatch Forest in winter. She loves to skate along the ice with her magic icicle wand and she loves to spend time with her best (fluffy) friend, (baby) Pengi. She is cheerful and perky and practically perfect in every way.

(Mandarin) Duck

(Mandarin) Duck thinks he's the king of all (fluff)dom. With his iridescent feathers and brightly colored plumage, he believes himself to be far superior to his bird competition, the peacocks. He has a hard time making friends, mainly because he prefers looking at himself in the mirror than socializing, but when he ventures into a (fluff) gathering, he's actually quite entertaining!