New Decoration: Kelp.

KELP! It's what's for breakfast. If you're a fish. Or sea creature of some sort. Or something.

(fluff)Scriptions Launched!

Hooray! (fluff)Scriptions are here! If you'd like to become a subscriber, click here.

New Decorations Released! (red) and (pink) coral.

Brighten any under-sea habitat with some colorful coral!

New Decorations Released! (purple) and (orange) Starfishees.

We're totally stoked about the release of the latest decorations, (purple) and (coral) Starfishees. Buy them in a bigger size or in a mini and add them to your habitat.

NEW FREE (fluff)! Orangutan.

The orangutan is the resident (fluff) television addict. His spirits are always high and he enjoys socializing, as long as it doesn’t interrupt his nightly prime-time television programming. From 8:00-10:00pm every evening, orangutan plops down in front of the TV to watch his favorite shows, which are, namely, any show that happens to be on from 8:00-10:00pm. He giggles at jokes he doesn’t understand, he often throws popcorn on the ground (not a fan of eating it, just likes the movie theater effect) and usually falls asleep before the credits roll at 9:59.

New Decorations Released! Purple, Green and Multi-colored Mardi Gras Masks.

Celebrate Mardi Gras in style with our latest (fluff)decorations: Purple, Green and Multi-colored Mardi Gras Masks!

New Habitat and Decoration Released! Tilted Snorkel Mask and Underwater Sea Castle Habitat.

Make way for another underwater escape! Put our new Tilted Snorkel Mask on your (fluffy) friend and visit the Underwater Sea Castle! Great fun for (fluff)kind.

New Habitat and Decoration Released! Sunken Ship Habitat and (green) Clam Shell.

Your (fluff) can troll the ocean floor for treasure in our new Sunken Ship Habitat. Add another shell to your collection with our (green) Clam Shell.

New Habitat and Decoration Released! Coral Forest and (pink) Clam Shell.

Water and land (fluffs) alike will love playing in our new habitat, Coral Forest. And... another shell for the collection! This time? (pink). Enjoy!

New Decoration Released! Straight Snorkel Mask

Take your (fluff) to a whole new world with our newest decoration: The Straight Snorkel Mask! Place it on your fluff and take a trip under the sea.

New Decoration Released! (blue) Clam Shell.

Our new Otter *loves* the heck out of clam shells. Add this blue to the currently released purple and you can start a cute clammy collection. Who knows? Maybe more colors will appear in the future.

New Foods Released! Mudslide and (Ya-wobbly) ChocoFluff™

Yay! New (fluffy) foods. See what your (fluff) thinks about a little Mudslide and (Ya-wobbly) ChocoFluff™.

Special Surprise! Mega Mini (pink) Elefants for ALL!

It's Valentine's Day! As a special gift from the (fluff)friends team, EVERYONE has been given a free Mega Mini (pink) Elefant! We hope that she touches your heart and brightens your day.

New Valentine's Day Items and General Decos Released! Simple Valentine, Planet Heart Habitat and (purple) Clam Shell.

As Valentine's Day draws near, we offer you a few more lovable decorations: Planet Heart Habitat and Simple Valentine. And, to please the Otter lovers, a pretty (purple) Clam Shell to make him giggle.

New Free (fluff)friend Released! Otter.

Otter is a very social (fluff) who loves spending time in the water. He does everything there: eats, grooms, plays checkers, Xbox’s, and sleeps. His fine fur gives him ample protection from the cold, and he takes care of it scrupulously. He is a seafood connoisseur and only eats the finest breed of mussels, urchins, crabs and fish, and his voracious appetite is what sets him apart from his fellow sea-dwelling (fluffs). He somehow manages to have a lot of friends, but is rarely invited to spend any amount of time in their homes, due to his penchant for cleaning out pantries and stealing video games.

New Valentine's Day Items Released! Cupid Target Range Habitat, Box of Candy Hearts, and Pink Lace Heart.

Join us in welcoming some sweet new items to the Valentine's Shop! Cupid Target Range, Box of Candy Hearts and (Pink) Lace Heart.

New Valentine's Day Items Released! Meet Me at the Bridge and XOXO.

We're very excited to introduce two new items to the 2009 Valentine's Shop: Meet Me at the Bridge Habitat and XOXO Deco.

New Valentine's Day Decos Released! (Red) Lace Heart and Bouquet of Red Roses.

Yay! New Valentine's Day Decorations! We hope you enjoy our (Red) Lace Heart and Bouquet of Red Roses.

New Valentine's Day Items Released! Tunnel of (fluff)y Love Habitat and Love Heart.

Please join us in welcoming the newest additions to our Valentine's Shop: Tunnel of (fluff)y Love and Love Heart.

New DecoFoods Released! Pomegranate Juice and Jasmine Special Tea

Two more of our foods have been released in Deco form! Pomegranate Juice and Jasmine Special Tea. The Jasmine Special Tea is available in the Limited Edition Shop. Enjoy!

New Valentine's Items Released! Springy Hearts Headband, Heart Balloon and Chocolate Shop Habitat.

Welcome the following new additions to our Valentine's Day Shop: Springy Hearts Headband, Red Balloon and the Chocolate Shop Habitat! There's something for everyone, so come on in!

New Decoration Released! Hug Me Heart.

Send a hug! This Hug Me Heart will make anyone smile. You can find this decoration and many, many more at our Decorations Shop.

New Valentine's Day Decos Released!: Love Bug, Extra Fancy Instant Valentine's Day Card, (White) Lace Heart and Cherub Chat.

Another round of Valentine's decorations have arrived at our shop! Please enjoy our Cherub Chat, (White) Lace Heart and Extra Fancy Instant Valentine's Day Card.

Box O' Valentines Event Begins!

How do I do this?
Box O'Valentines rules can be found here.

Need to go shopping?
Valentine's Day Shop can be found here.

Forget what you gave out?
Your personalized report can be found here.

Valentine's Shop latest shop release: (White) Blank Card, (pink) Blank Card and Valentine's Cards 1,2 and 3.

Our Valentine's Shop is in full swing, and items are being added daily. So far, the following items have been released: (White) Blank Valentine's Day Card, (Pink) Blank Valentine's Day Card, and Valentine's Day Cards 1 (Be Mine), 2 (Oink!) and 3 (Trio of Hearts). Keep checking back for more!