December 2009 Golden Bonuses Released!


A long-awaited and treasured (fluff)friend, (snow) Horsee is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. She is aware of her beauty, but not consumed by it, and her humble nature makes her loved and adored by her fellow (fluff)friends. She loves cold weather, crisp snow and the sound of jingle bells in winter. She also enjoys white chocolate, milk and powdered sugar doughnuts.


Imma walruth and I love to thwim with my favorite (fluffy)friendth. I love the cold waterth and all the little fisheeth in the theeee! When I am not thearching for food I love to play with little Thusie who sells theashellth by the theashore. Thay that 5 timeth fathst! It’s exhausthing. Winter is my favorite time of year and I’m tho happy to finally be in (fluffy) form tho you can bring me home!


Ermine is a very rare (fluff). There aren’t very many of her wandering around the world, which makes her especially… special. She loves sunny, cold days and has a penchant for Baroque music. She can often be heard humming The Hallelujah Chorus as she scampers around the Yukon. She enjoys hunting, singing, and the occasional rodent feast.

****(fluff)Scriber Bonus****
Caribou 2.0

Caribou 2.0 is very happy to be in his updated form. He enjoys having a neck and floppy limbs! He also loves to run through icy fields in winter. He chases squirls and birds and often gets so carried away he falls over top of himself and flops himself to the ground. He is brave and strong and caring to (fluffs) everywhere.


Cardinal is a sporty (fluff) who has a passion for baseball. His spikey head feathers and refined, muscular belly make him a force to be reckoned with. Residing in St. Louis, Missouri, he’s a virtual celebrity and quite enjoys the fact that people wear him on their shirts and hats and coats year-round. He enjoys early morning runs and whistling loudly.