October 2009 Golden Bonuses Released! Ninja Panda, Nessie, Werewolfie, Scaresquatch and Ya-Blobbly.

WAZA!! Ninja Panda likes to hang out in the dojo checking out kunoichi’s in the hopes of finding his perfect match. He’s an attention hog who is a master of the bisento and shuriken, often spending his time showing off even when nobody is around. Heck, you never know when someone is watching, he’s a master of awesome and not afraid to show it.

Nessie is a very friendly (fluff) who can’t comprehend why the world seems to think she doesn’t exist. She spends her days doing everything she can to get attention, but most passers-by ignore her and assume there is some sort of storm brewing or global warming trend of water being spewed about the shore on a day where the weather is otherwise perfect. She longs for interaction with the land-folk, so adopt her!

Werewolfie couldn’t be more opposite from his non-were counterpart, Wolfie. He is not quiet. He does not brood. He spends as much time howling as he can, be it at the moon or a passing car or at humans on the road past their bedtime. He prefers his wolf-form and spends the rest of his time trying to get Wolfie to do something reckless. No luck so far.

Boo! Did I scare ya? Ha! Hope so cuz I am SCAREsquatch and I'm scary. Imma gonna JUMP on ya and make ya go "AHHHH!" cuz that's ma' job. Yep. I am not cute so don't call me cute i'm a SCARY squatchy dude. BOO.


No one knows where Ya-Blobbly came from, or what he likes, or what his favorite anything is, or what he does for a living and in his spare time. All we know is that he sort-of showed up at our office one day with a face only a mother could love and stared at us until we agreed to release him. Perhaps if you adopt him he’ll tell you what’s on his mind. We have had no luck in the matter.